Noteworthy facts about Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam

Gone are the days when fraudulent activities were rate in these competitive markets where people are desperate to grow. Scams have become a common activity all around the world and people do not thing to do frauds. Some companies provide their customers with untimely and fake results. Sometimes caller is not sure about origin that might be a fake call. Phone calls at unusual times maybe from scammer too. They will try to impress you with different offers, but don’t trust.

A trustworthy name

Robert Sussman is the trusted name in the field of marketing to protect you from severe scams. Scams and fraudsters are pretty much lurking everywhere in the cyber world. Do your part of research before investing money, and this holds true of any service that you might take on the internet. Proper action plans act as reforming measures to control running scams. Some corrective measures have been taken so far by Robert Sussman to avert telemarketing scam and protect people from fraudulent prevailing activities.

Robert Sussman Rent or Sell initiatives are highly supportive to stop foreclosure as people are losing their homes regularly. The action plans of Robert Sussman to avoid Timeshare Fraud go extra miles so that the valued clients can live safer lives away from popular scams. Robert Sussman Vacation Tree clearly states to be highly cautious from more many fake individuals, and before you work with any company or agency make sure it is a legitimate and reputable company.

Saving clients from frauds

Robert Sussman Las Vegas, NV has launched innovative programs so that clients can be protected from foreclosure and fraud. It is recommended by Robert Sussman to approach legitimate and reputable companies while planning to buy, sale or offering rental services to anyone.



Unleashing the truth about the Robert Sussman Telemarketing scam


Over the years, this country has revealed hundreds of scams to loot the innocent people. However, very few are aware about the fact that the truth behind is much dirtier. One such popular case is the Robert Sussman telemarketing scam where an innocent person was brought into the limelight for the wrong reasons.

Robert Sussman is a popular business tycoon with some of the most interesting ventures of our time. Vacation Tree is one of his ventures where you can sell your share without any hassle within an affordable rate too.

How the whole thing works?

When someone is interested in selling a share or property, Vacation tree becomes a beneficial tool to market and share it at a good rate. Further, on behalf of this a very small fee is required. Further, the marketing is done for a period of near about 10 months.  Thus selling your property with a good share of margin is a much easier and stress free manner, when you approach Robert Sussman.

What happens when the selling doesn’t happen?

In these circumstances, Vacation tree agrees to buy it at a fair price, which satisfies both the parties.  The selling here happens based on the current market rate of the property or the product.

The rumors about the wrongdoing of the company are baseless indeed. Robert Sussman and its employees do believe in their companies’ core values and ethics that fall in lines with the customer’s happiness and satisfaction. At the end, everybody in the business do agrees that no business can run for a longer time with cheat and fraud.

Don’t just believe what’s been told to you. Find out and unveil the truth yourself about the Robert Sussman Timeshare Fraud.


How to put idle timeshares to generate revenue

Say you are the owner of timeshare in a holiday resort. As everybody is aware the value of the timeshare is directly proportional to the specific period. If you have the period during the holiday season then the value of your timeshare is high. Families like to take advantage of the flexibility of holiday homes as it is lighter on the pocket and the entire family enjoys facilities that are affordable.

Buying an existing timeshare makes sense. The Timeshare Consumers’ Association offers insights and is an excellent resource. Another well-organized web source is Robert Sussman Vacation Tree. They are the Uber of timeshare sales. They offer several services which are completely transparent.

  • They offer without any strings attached to appraise the value of your ownership
  • Second for a small payment they provide listings and excellent visibility in web sites and mainstream media where it will have the maximum effect.
  • They have trained social media experts on their team who understand the concept of timeshare.
  • They offer fair pricing purchase option if the listing remains unsold.

Further Robert Sussman Rent or Sell keep providing timely insights that will keep you abreast of the happenings in the industry. Such efforts have not been in vain as Robert Sussman Vacation Tree is one of the reputed and respected timeshare resources.

Of late some competitors have resorted to negative tactics of yellow journalism by labeling the success story of Vacation Tree as Robert Sussman timeshare fraud. They have used other labels such as Robert Sussman telemarketing scam and Robert Sussman Vacation Tree fraud. All of these baseless allegations have been water off a duck’s back as none of these reckless blogs and articles have any facts to act as a foundation.

How ‘fake news’ affects ordinary citizens

The 2016 United States Election has thrown up the elephant in the room regarding media news stories. Apart from the surprising result the news about ‘fake news’ has put the media on the back foot. What had remained unsaid for a long time is now out into the open. It is not only celebrities and powerful persons such as the President of the United States of America feeling the wrath of the media over exaggerated stories the ‘fake news’ affects ordinary citizens as well.

The example of Robert Sussman’s Vacation Tree Fraud reports fall in the same bracket as the most powerful personality in the world. The Robert Sussman telemarketing scam should be dubbed as ‘hogwash’ (if you had the leanings of an Englishman – this one word of ‘hogwash’ means preposterous and unbelievable). It is obvious that competitors have used the power of the internet to spread false canards (again if you are of English descent – meaning lies).

Robert Sussman San Diego, CA resident is a 60-year old man who used the experience of over 30 years buying and selling timeshares. To the uninitiated timeshares has come of age. The young demographic of millennials attracted to the concept of holiday ownership. They are affluent and educated. They are not easily fooled while at the same time they now how to spot opportunities. So when Robert Sussman set up a company to act as the go between among sellers of timeshare with interested buyers it was not a surprise. He was spot on with his analysis and used the world wide web to facilitate the trade.

Robert Sussman rent or sell options became a runaway hit with idle timeshares.  For a small fee his company took the hard work out of the equation by providing due diligence. He even extended offers of guaranteeing a sale after 10 months with a fair price guarantee. This deal kicked in the event that a listed timeshare property remained unsold. This was the gist of the alleged Robert Sussman Timeshare Fraud as reported in some web portals which some media took it up without fact checks.

How dangerous is the Internet

The title of this article is to be understood in the context of relevance. For instance searching for information concerning places to eat or museums to visit in New York, London or Paris the internet answers immediate questions. Communication is perhaps the best medium through the internet – emails, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) IM (instant messaging) and social media tools are the best technological development in the 21st Century. The world and people are connected instantly; with 5 g networks in the offing the future looks promising.

However that being said there is a dark side to the internet. As powerful as the instant forms of communication the internet also allows unfiltered and unchecked information to flow. At first glance because of the information overload some register in our minds and some do not. In fact a majority of the news feed do not register for more than a few seconds. The problem arises when the threshold of a few seconds grows into double digit and more so when the same information is repeated.

Example of Robert Sussman’s journey on the Internet

An example of this unchecked material is the Robert Sussman Telemarketing scam. Very few people are aware of who Robert Sussman is? Unless you are contemplating to utilize your timeshare ownership and have a listing with Robert Sussman Rent or Sell Company.

Robert Sussman Vacation Tree is a company promoted by Robert.  Robert’s telemarketers help timeshare owners to list their property while also facilitating buyers to get in touch. The internet is a great enabler for such businesses.

So coming back to the title of the article you can say that the Internet is dangerous. Based on the information provided Robert Sussman should have closed shop and gone to pasture. That he lives, breathes and is fighting fit and successful informs that all of the above allegations are baseless and unfounded. The lesson here is not to treat the Internet as the Holy Grail. It is not the be all and end all of information.

Robert Sussman Telemarketing Scam – The Major Cause of this Fake News

Few unauthorized sources intend to ruin the positive image of Mr. Robert Sussman, San Diego, CA by spreading hatred for him to be involved in a telemarketing scam. Instead, he is an ideal hardworking American businessman who has managed to reach the top position in his respective field with his sheer dedication and will power. He is the living example of realizing the “American Dream” by putting all rumors to rest.

His Business Ventures

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Robert Sussman, San Diego, CA is the owner of three business ventures – Vacation Tree, Las Vegas Events & Shows, and Discount Town.

About Vacation Tree

Out of three business ventures, Vacation Tree has always remained close to the heart of Robert Sussman, San Diego, CA. This company is known to look for the customers using their team through several call centers located in El Cajon, CA in San Diego and Las Vegas where it is located off Flamingo Rd. They have experienced and well trained professionals offering various reasonable packages to the individuals as per their unique needs. After choosing their desired package, people sign the package and return the same to list ads.

The company charges a nominal fee from $500 to $1500 from the clients to post such ads in several leading newspapers like NY Times, LA Times, and several other newspapers across the country regarding timeshare sale. They wait until suitable proposal comes as per the customer’s needs and aspirations. If everything works well as per the plan, they give thumbs up.

The company has a lot of rivals in the market, which are spreading hatred about him and his company as they are unable to compete with the company in offering best services at very low prices. So, it is recommended not to trust on them.



The Revealed truth about the Robert Sussman Telemarketing scam

Statistics state that consumers lose millions of dollars every year due to these telephonic frauds and scams. Competitors in the market who are scared by the management capabilities of Robert Sussman and the brands are spreading fake news about the telemarketing scam. They claim that this company is one of the fraudulent but it is truly hard to believe. Mr. Robert Sussman himself travels hundreds of miles himself to spread his business by helping people earn marginally too. The business comprises of ventures dealing with the fortune 500 companies.

The people who have met Robert Sussman would agree that he is a man of integrity and he really wants to help people in any way possible. A man of 60 with such influential and powerful knowledge about worldly matters can never be a person exploiting his fellow countrymen for some money

Protect yourself from Fraud

Every fraud is not just a claim and there are scammers looting people every single day. From Elders of your home to you can also be a part of these scams.  Whenever you are receiving  phone calls  from a telemarketer offering a service or product that sounds too good to be true, hangup immediately as things are not that easy today. If the call comes at unusual times, either too late or too early in the day or night, or if the caller fails to pinpoint the origin of the call, there is a high chance the caller is a scammer.

Robert Sussman Telemarketing scam – Only a rumor

These scammers try to push you to make a decision in a rush where are human nature tends to be mostly wrong and thus leading us to wrong decisions. So keep your head clear when you receive a call like this and take actions according to situations.