Know the Truth About Telemarketing Scams of Robert Sussman

Robert Sussman is known for his entrepreneurship and marketing skills. 1 Planet Media is the company, from where he came into the limelight. Since his success, there were many opposition sources, who tried to ruin the image of this businessman. One such rumour is the Robert Sussman telemarketing scam. However, there was nothing like that in his company. It was all a conspiracy that aimed at involving his name in the telemarketing scam.

What is telemarketing scam all about?

In USA, telemarketing is a big sector, which is one of the reasons why most of the corporate companies here are able to close their deals over a call. Telemarketing is a technique of fetching customers with a help of a phone call. The rumours, ultimately out dealt with Robert Sussman Vacation Tree company, claimed that it is targeting soft clients to cheat them. In reality, no scam happened in the name of his company. spreading myths and rumours are a common phenomenon, which some of the competitors do against their successful counterparts. This is exactly what happened with Mr. Sussman.

Moreover, several charities named under him are still serving the needful for the in-needs, such as:

  • Salvation Army
  • The Red Cross
  • American Heart Association and many more like these.

This again proves that all the allegations made against him were false and no crimes took place under the name of Robert Sussman.

To sum up, Robert Sussman was just another victim of the rumours from the negative critics and nothing else. After a detailed investigation, not a single of his firms was found to have involved in sort of fraud or scam.



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